We All Need An"Oh Honey" & Room At The Table Video With WomenSing


Hello everyone! I’ve been writing new songs this week, so I haven’t posted quite as often as usual. I’m looking forward to sharing them with you!

I wanted to tell you about a small practice I do often. It might be a helpful practice for you too. I believe that our lives are filled with so much delight. I know that if I’m paying attention, I’ll encounter the extraordinary and luminous in the smallest of things. But I also know that in the course of any given day, most of us will bump into moments that require our compassion—including self compassion. It maybe encountering deeply troubling news of suffering near or afar. It might be an experience that presses on an old painful story or memory. It might be having a goal for ourselves we can only move toward in fits and starts ( you know like utter and complete enlightenment, having a better relationship with movement or food, resolving to use a traffic jam or long grocery line as a chance to practice prayer, putting down the iPhone, letting go of that thing you really need to let go of, flossing) . It may be a tender loss of a friend, family member, a beloved animal spirit, a job, dream or sense of certainty about anything. It might be realizing your holding stress in your shoulders, an old fear that needs addressing.

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When I encounter delight I try to embrace it with all my heart. That is something my dog has taught me. They live a much shorter time than humans, but holy smokes they live every single second of it with gusto, love and wild appreciation for just being here. But when I bump into the things that are more difficult, when my heart jumps or my mind races, when I’m disappointed or grieving, I lay my hand on my heart and tenderly say to myself “Oh Honey.” It sounds like such a small thing, but it can really shift a moment. When I lay my hand on my heart I do it with the kind of tenderness I would give to someone cherished. I do it with the kindness I would have no problem giving to a stranger. I feel the weight and warmth of my own hand and send compassion right down into my body, mind and spirit. “Oh Honey, of course this is hard. Its going to be alright.” Now, this does sometimes lead to sideways glances in the doctor’s office or an airplane. But really, it can shift the moment so you can go back to the wondrous business of living more like a enthusiastic dog—but now with a sense of real kindness toward the ups and downs of others and ourselves.

So today, let us embrace the largest and smallest delights, let us send love prayers and compassion to those who are suffering—and let us give ourselves tender compassion for doing the best we can, for all our good intentions and for being so so human.

Try it now - hand on heart - “Oh honey.”

ROOM AT THE TABLE - With WomenSing


This is a special video of “Room at the Table” arranged by our very own Gary Walters and performed with the WomenSing Choral Ensemble for International Women’s Day. You Can see the full concert on Mandolin by clicking the link below. I had a fabulous time rehearsing and performing this special concert with these amazing women. I hope you will enjoy it too!

The concert was aired on March 20th on Mandolin. You can find the full concert here: https://boxoffice.mandolin.com/products/carrie-newcomer-gary-walters-the-womensing-choir-replay-ticket