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Carrie Newcomer is a Grammy acknowledged, Emmy awarded artist with 19 nationally released albums including The Beautiful Not Yet, The Point of Arrival, Until Now, The Geography of Light & The Gathering of Spirits. She has three books of poetry and essays including her most recent Until Now: New Poems. Carrie has been featured on Krista Tippett’s On Being, PBS Religion & Ethics. She is the recipient of the Shalem Institute Contemplative Voices Award and holds an honorary degree in Music for Social Change from Goshen College. She is a voice for progressive spirituality and respected in the world of America and progressive folk music.

“To my mind - a writer’s mind - Carrie Newcomer is much more than a musician. She’s a poet, storyteller, snake-charmer, good neighbor, friend and lover, minister of the wide-eyed gospel of hope and grace.”Pulitzer Prize winning Author Barbara Kingsolver

From Carrie

Hi Folks. decided to create a space for folks who are moved by music, poetry and art, who are living in process, who are worried about the brokenness of the world and wondering how to live humbly, courageously and compassionately in such beautiful and messy times.

This will be a place where we can consider how in divided times we still connect as human beings and ponder something luminous in our daily lives. We’ll not blink the hard stuff here, but this will also be a place we can together ponder hope as a renewable resource and what it means to live into our next growing edge.

And…this is a place where you can visit, comment and be part of a thoughtful community of caring folks who believe that treating one another with basic decency and respect (online and in-person) is not just nice, but essential for creating safe places for us all to show up authentically.

What It Will Look Like

  1. Its easy - You can visit my “A Gathering of Spirits” page anytime. You don’t have to pay to follow this page. 

  2. Content - I post public reflections once a week. But you can bookmark the page and visit more often as I’ll post at other times when the spirit moves!

    I’ll be sharing new music, poetry, videos, reflections, photos about art, life and the spiritual thread that pulls through our daily lives — basically thoughts and topics viewed through the sensibilities of a Midwestern folksinger with Quaker leanings who still believes in the beauty that shows up everyday in this broken world. Of course, there will also be photos of my dogs!

  3. Messages - Free Subscribers will also receive my regular Sunday email posting, and will be able to comment on those messages.

  4. Supporting Subscribers - There is a Supporter Subscriber section of A Gathering of Spirits for those who would like to support my work and my ability to create this online space. It will include new and older demos, videos, Song Labs (talking and teaching my songs), sheet music, poetry reading, writing prompts, online supporting subscriber concerts and content and more fun stuff I’m coming up with all the time.

Become A Supporting Subscriber

Supporting Subscribers Making These Kinds of Things Possible

  1. You are allowing me to tour just a little less and a bit write more. This makes new albums, new books and poetry possible.

  2. Supports my next recording which is currently in process and due to be released October 2023. This album explores our longing for meaningful community in divisive times, what hope looks like in action, holding creatively all that is with all we envision.

Special Announcements

For those interested, I’ll also announce live and streamed concerts and workshops, new music and books, special offers, sheet music and more.

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Carrie Newcomer's music, poetry and commentary on art, spirit and life.


Carrie Newcomer is a songwriter, poet & podcast co-host w/ 20 nationally released CDs & 3 books of poetry. She often catches something luminous from the corner of her eye, chuckles at things no one is noticing & lives in the woods w/ 2 rescue dogs.